Automed Cloud Origins

Automed Cloud, evolving from its origins as Automed Enterprise, represents a significant leap forward in our commitment to innovation and specialized support for the agricultural sector. Initially developed as a robust solution for medication administration and data management, our platform has undergone a strategic transformation. Today, it stands as a premier, industry-specific suite of tools designed to cater to the advanced needs of large-scale commercial livestock producers.

In response to the dynamic and expanding demands of the industry, as well as the ever-increasing expectations of consumers, Automed Cloud has sharpened its focus. We now offer a more refined, cutting-edge array of services that encompass drug delivery systems, comprehensive management interfaces, sophisticated data capture technologies, and intuitive remote management capabilities. These enhancements enable our clients to not only adhere to best practices but also to set new standards in efficiency, compliance, and animal welfare.

Our progression to Automed Cloud signifies more than just a name change—it embodies our dedication to providing livestock producers with a competitive edge. By integrating our solution into their operations, producers can now leverage high-level analytics, optimize drug use protocols, and ensure that their business is at the forefront of technological advancements. This strategic pivot underscores our resolve to empower producers to meet and exceed both industry requirements and consumer expectations, reinforcing our mission to revolutionize livestock management through innovation and expertise.

Company History

automed, a trailblazer in the field of medication delivery systems, was officially launched in 2016, springing from an innovative concept developed nearly a decade earlier by David Edwards. This concept, centered around an automated weight-based delivery device, marked the beginning of a new era in livestock medication management. Since its launch, automed has established itself as a key player in the agricultural sector, redefining the standards of medication delivery.

The evolution of automed's platform has been significant over the years. Following its initial conception, the system expanded its capabilities to include essential features like data capture, livestock traceability, and compliance functionalities. These advancements reflect automed's commitment to providing comprehensive and integrated solutions to meet the dynamic needs of livestock management. The platform's ability to adapt and incorporate these diverse features demonstrates automed's dedication to innovation and continuous improvement in the field.

Internationally recognized, automed's impact is global, with its system being adopted by producers across multiple continents including North America, Europe, Oceania, Asia, and Central & South America. This widespread adoption is a testament to the platform's versatility and effectiveness in a variety of agricultural settings. automed's global presence underlines its role as a critical tool in the advancement of livestock management practices, ensuring efficient, accurate, and reliable medication delivery worldwide.